A final check of our Brewhouse at Braukon 

Our Svinninge head brewer, Tim, as well as our To Øl City Mayor, Michael visited the Braukon factory in Germany to do a final inspection of our brewhouse and yeast propagation plant. As usual, we were met with Bavarian hospitality (sausage and beer) and saw the equipment for the first time, which was incredibly exciting. Everything looked extremely well made and custom changes were incorporated within a few hours. We also took a first introduction to the brewhouse automation software, as well as arranging even more cellar equipment to be made! The sheer size of these impressive pieces of machinery really brought home the scale at which everything will be running in our To Øl city. We couldn’t resist snapping as many pictures as possible to share with you:


We will let you know when all of this arrives. We can’t wait !!

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