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To Øl founder and CEO Tore Gynther.


To Øl Brewery
Let’s get this straight – To Øl is what people call a gypsy brewery (or pirate/nomad/contract/gold digger brewery – whatever suits your fancy). Basically this means we don’t own our own brewing facilities but lend in at other breweries with spare capacity. Being gypsy is a trust bound marriage with the production facility. The relationship is built on experience, mutual understanding and a shared passion for quality and product development. Producing at breweries we have a long history with ensures consistency in the product. Producing at breweries we have no experience with becomes eye opening and helps develop new approaches. We aim for a nice mix of these two. So – if you want to visit the To Øl brewery, it is not because we are impolite snobs that we decline your inquiry.

The brewery at To Øl’s brewpub BRUS.

However, should you find yourself in Copenhagen, To Øl’s brewpub BRUS is located in the heart of Nørrebro, streets away from where the first test batches of To Øl were cooked up. Here we brew a wide range of fresh, rustique, zesty brews served straight from the tanks, and it is here that you are more than welcome to taste and tour all you like!

What we do
To Øl makes potent beers, packed with flavour and character. Beers you do not easily forget (unless you’ve had just too many). At To Øl we make beers with an edge and will forever focus on quality over quantity. We love both session beers and complex, beasty beers. It’s all about the balance (not the bass)! Our deepest wish in our humble hoppy hearts is to make the best beers in the world. We’re constantly striving for perfection thorough scientific basis colliding with crazy experiments.

A selection of bottled beers by To Øl.

What we want
When To Øl was founded, we were sick of hundred years old breweries claiming territory only due to old age – old age withers; it does not necessarily improve the recipe. Instead we wanted to give beer some youth! At To Øl we do contemporary beers and we believe that you’re never better than your last brew. We have no interest in copying beers from old breweries gone stale and we would instantly trash a beer if it turned obsolete or blunt. As we have grown and improved so have the beer drinkers, showing us that adults of all ages enjoy the quality and strong taste variations of the brews of To Øl.

Our goal is to provoke and push the boundaries of the very perception of beer. Meanwhile, we want to have some serious fun. We should never forget that we’re making beer not politics!

A selction of canned beers by To Øl.

The story of To Øl
Back in 2005 the original founders of To Øl, Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen, were young guns studying at a direct democracy based high school in Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Det Fri Gymnasium – enraged with the fact that most Danish breweries were continuously bawling about their crap beers having been brewed for more than a century, rather than focusing on the actual taste and content of their brews. As if a stale lager has ever become less nauseous by the fact that it has been brewed for over 100 years?!

Soon Tobias and Tore pirated the school kitchen facilities during closing hours and began turning it into a brewing lab and behold: brewing began! Malts were mashed, hop leaves boiled, yeast fermented and bubbled within lab flasks. In short: the hunt for potent quality beers had begun.

To Øl released the first commercial beer in 2010 and the To Øl brewery was founded. Many crazy, funny, funky and challenging things have happened since that first release, but even high-school sweethearts drift apart, and in 2016 Tobias Emil Jensen stepped out of To Øl and BRUS to work on other projects.

To Øl continues the journey making brews that push the boundaries of beer. The approach is always to use raw ingredients of the finest quality, to remain oblivious to fashion or beer trends and to always keep an open mind, as well as not forgetting to have fun!

To Øl is happy, hoppy and proud to have fans, importers, beer serious bars and restaurants and not to forget solid craft beer geeks out and about in the whole wide world. To Øl entered Ratebeers list of Top 100 best breweries in the world in 2012 and in 2014, To Øl was awarded the world’s 9th best brewery ( ). Today we’re exporting to more than 40 different countries worldwide.

The black areas indicates which countries To Øl is exporting to.


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