Aesthetics of Christmas

Graphic designer Kasper Ledet on the aesthetics of Christmas: Christmas is completely saturated in a blend of tradition, cartoons and commercial interest. It is difficult to find an approach that seems satisfying. If you choose to simply reproduce the commonly accepted aesthetics the result could easily become conservative and backwards looking. An idea could be to approach it ironically. Blatant irony is however not always a very good strategy since you just end up making fun of an aesthetic that you basically don’t find interesting. I think design should be positioned somewhere between irony and seriousness. This series of Christmas beers is done using a quite formal approach: The ingredients of each beer is referenced through colours and gradients organized almost like mid-century abstract paintings. Design for Pure Fyr, Maler Byen Rød, Queen’s Vinand and Any Port Sort (all in 33cl cans).

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