Bottling Has Begun!

Our To Øl City has taken yet another giant leap for beer-kind, getting our Meheen Bottling machine up and running. What better way to begin the bottling than by starting with a To Øl favourite: Jule Mælk! Not just any Jule Mælk either, this particular beauty is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout with Vanilla. Packaged ready for the festival season.

This particular beer also presents it’s challenges as well when bottling as its thick, rich consistency while great for tasting, presents a problem when trying to fill all the bottles at the same time – since the first few bottles fill first, then the liquid is slower to reach the last bottles in the line. It took some special calibrations to ensure that all the bottles were filled exactly and precisely the way we wanted them to. After a little tweaking, we’re glad to report that these bottles are now beautifully filled, and ready to go.

Are you of legal drinking age in your country of residence?