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2016 GR-10 TINTO

4 Monos

2016 GR-10 TINTO

177,- kr

This red wine comes from a highly situated area of Spain from which it achieves its superb acidity and character in the form of a light elegant wine with "low" alcohol and a juicy taste. It's a dry wine with raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, unripe cherries and a hint of menthol.

The wine is made by 4 people, who refer to themselves as the 4 monkeys “4 Monos”, they make the wine together and get the best out of the grapes! The wine has been barrel-aged for a little under a year before being bottled.

Pair great with Chicken salad with red fruits, Foie Gras with red fruit and mint compote or Fried pigeon with cranberry sauce and hazelnuts.

Serve at 11-13 degrees


(Red wine, not cider)