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NV Revolution Red

Johannes Zillinger

NV Revolution Red

175,- kr

This wine has used the grapes Regent, Zweigelt and Roesler - 3 very local grapes as well as cabernet sauvignon with an expression that gives it a fruity sweetness. The nose is Oregano, violets, woods, blackberries, cherries, and plums.

The taste is dry, with a nice body and low tannins. Shades of ripe raspberries, plum cherries, cranberries, blackberries and forest floor.
The wine's top competence is the handling of root vegetables, game, red meat, and poultry. Eg. Fried duck with baked parsley root and red wine sauce with cranberry or Classic stirred tatar, with onions, herbs, cognac, tabasco, and egg yolk.

Serve at 14-16 degrees.



(Red Wine, not cider)