Dry Is The New Bitter

Lately we’ve been playing around with a newer and more dry IPA sub style. The Brut IPA borrows its name from the wine world; as you all know – in Champagne, brut means dry. We took this beer style for a trip from its origin in the American West Coast swinging by Germany and the world of French soccer and on to Nordic New Years traditions and celebrations of dinners for one.

Trocken is our German style 6% Brut IPA brewed with the finest German Pilsner and Munich Malts. German Cascade hops from the Hallertaur Region and our favourite Kölsch Yeast lay the base in this Brut-style inspired IPA showcasing our love for traditions in different frames. Expect a very aromatic beer with a citrus-peel-tip-tongue taste and a short, agressive finish that leaves you wanting more. Trocken is a smooth and refreshingly dry German IPA.

Here is Kasper Ledet’s story about the label design for Trocken: The artwork consists of a spreadsheet organizing triangles, squares and circles. These shapes serve as abstractions in the otherwise rational spreadsheet and also act as a reference to the Bauhaus. The ingredients are German and thus it seemed appropriate to pay homage to Germany’s most influential art school. The square, circle and triangle has been associated with the Bauhaus since Wassily Kandinsky used them as part of a psychological colour test at the school in 1923. The spreadsheet is a product of the computer age but its grid like structure could be derived from the aesthetics of modernism or maybe more precise the kind of functional and rational modernism that the Bauhaus was promoting.


Allez Les Bruts
6,2% Brut IPA

Saison yeast and Champagne yeast work together in unison to ferment this dry, tart, effervescent beer. Balance is key and since the malts add very little taste to the beer, it’s all about the hop profile while still keeping the bitterness low. We used Amarillo, Mosaic and Tettnanger in plenty to create a complex taste that’s balanced and refreshing.

The label depicts two facades of a building in Denmark that’s designed using principles originating from the French word for “raw” due to the choice of material – namely “Béton Brut”.


Same Procedure As Last Year
Brut IPA = Champagne IPA

This 8% dry Saison is brewed with wheat and 20% grape juice, fermented with champagne yeast & our special Instant Crush Brett. It pours a fruity, dry and festively high carbonated bubbly beer – the final bottle will be wearing a festive crown on top of the popping cork, perfect for all kinds of celebrations and dinners for one. Coming out in 75cl bottles (and on keg) only – planned release on the webshop some time next week.


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