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Did you know To Øl’s online bottleshop To Øl Webshop makes your Gluten Free beer shopping easier?

We appreciate the struggle that coeliacs go through daily. Life without pasta and bread sounds difficult enough, but life without beer? That’s intolerable. Which is why we have gathered together some of the best gluten free beers on our webshop to shop seperately or in bundles for all you sufferers out there!

To Øl is aware of the many people not able to consume good craft beer, as they contain gluten, originating from Barley or Wheat. The gluten free beers from To Øl are produced as our normal craft beers, but are enzymatically treated to break down the gluten proteins in the final beer. The European Commission has stated that all products with less than 20 mg/kg of gluten may be labelled “Gluten Free”. For every batch of beer produced, an accredited laboratory analyses the gluten content of the beer, by measuring the gliadin content. Gliadin are one of the main components of the gluten protein and is thus the advised method for measuring the gluten content. The lab uses the ELISA method, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, for measuring the beer. Our process can ensure a content of gliadin less than 5 mg/kg. Thus, every beer from To Øl labeled “gluten free” is guaranteed a content of less than 20 mg/kg.  Every batch of beer are analysed and only released for sale after control. Our gluten free beers are intended for people with gluten-intolerance/sensitivity. As it still may contain traces of gluten, the beers are suited for people that are not hypersensitive to traces of gluten. All allergens that are part of the brewing process is clearly stated on all labels. Our Gluten Free beers are regulated by the EU and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, following the European Commission Regulation  41/2009. To Øl ApS does not take responsibility for gluten regulations outside of the European Community and any possible misleading consequences thereof. Read more about the gluten free statement here (også på dansk om glutenfri øl).

Find all our gluten free offerings – from To Øl and from friends right here!

Choose between

Reparationsbajer Gluten Free To Øl Gluten Free American Pale Ale DKK 35,00

Totem Pale Gluten Free To Øl Gluten Free APA DKK 30,00

Reparationsbajer Gluten Free To Øl Gluten Free APA DKK 35,00

Sally MonroeMikkellerGluten Free Pale AleDKK 40,00

Weird Weather Gluten Free MikkellerGluten Free Hazy IPA DKK 65,00

I Wish Gluten Free MikkellerGluten Free IPA DKK 50,00

Or The Big Bad Gluten Free Bundle with 7 different gluten free beers for DKK 300


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