Kasper Ledet’s fascination of architecture

Our graphic designer Kasper Ledet on his fascination of architecture:

“Buildings and public sculptures tend to play a role in my work for To Øl, often not as direct visual inspiration but more as a conceptual and aesthetic undercurrent. Below you’ll find various architecture I have visited and find interesting. The pictures is shot on my iPhone since I mainly regard this as a scrapbook of inspiration or a catalogue of references. It is not authoritative architectural photography.


1: “Roskilde Amtsgård” designed by Knud Munk. Completed in 1976.

2: “Torre Velasca” in Milan. Designed by BBPR. Completed in 1958.

3: “Høje Taastrup Station”. Designed by Claus Bonderup and Jacob Blegvad. Completed in 1987.

4: “Murstensskulptur” in Copenhagen. Designed by Per Kirkeby. Completed in 2004.

5: “Monumento a Sandro Pertini” in Milan. Designed by Aldo Rossi. Completed in 1990.

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