Mr. Series 2018

We’re pleased to introduce to you Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown.

Pouring all over Europe on cans, bottles and taps. Shop them all online on To Øl webshop here!

And at BRUS Copenhagen and BRUS Bar Oslo.

Meet them all here:

Mr. Blue
This year Mr. Blue is a handsome Imperial Berliner Weisse packed with black berries, aronia, acai and blackcurrant. The sour mash is balanced with subtle berry notes to roam the glass, which by the way is… blue!

Mr. Pink
For this year’s mr. pink, we’ve looked east. East coast of the US and east of Europe. Mixing one of Russia’s favourite ingredients: the beet – with our all-time favourite characteristic: the juiciness. The result is a juicy & pink beet IPA.

Mr. Blonde
This year’s Mr. Blonde is a Gose with vanilla, peach and raspberry. Expect fruits, slight sourness and a touch of salt.

Mr. Orange
With this year’s tropical mix of papaya, mango, apricot, orange and lemon zest, Mr. Orange is bringing the safari to your cup – wrapped as a sour mashed Citra IIPA with a light malt profile to add space for all the hops and juice.

Mr. Brown
Gentlemen & women be prepared. Mr. Brown this year is. BROWN. An intense and full-bodied stout brewed with coffee and matured with cognac oak chips and cedar spirals for richness.

Mr. White
This year’s Mr. White has taken a tour to the countryside. He’s full-bodied, heavy on wheat and with a decent amount of white grapefruits to balance the dryness.

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