New Beer Releases Coming Soon!

The time has come to release more tasty beers into the wild! Without further ado, let us introduce (from bottom left to right):

1 Ton Of Pomegranate: It’s on your yoghurt, it’s in your salad, your risotto is filled with it, someone put it in your panna cotta and now it’s in your beer. I’m talking, of course, about Pomegranate, not the To Øl Instant Crush Brett™ which is also featured in this beer but not (yet) in your panna cotta. Smooth and juicy esters balance out the natural acidity of the Pomegranate, leaving it with the smooth sour-ness you expect from a To Øl øl.

Fogged Up: Our foggy, heavy and Juicy Imperial IPA. With around 40% Oats and Wheat this is a protein-heavy IPA with a fat backbone. Dry Hopped with Citra to create tons of citrus notes, balanced with a modest amount of Mosaic hops – adding a nice ripe tropical touch to it. All underpinned with London Fog Yeast, making this one foggy IIPA!

Destruktionsbajer: Our anti-reparationsbajer. There is no heaven without hell, no light without dark, and no recovery without complete and utter destruction! To be enjoyed as recklessly and irresponsibly as possible.

3 x Nul Citra : Triple Citra Dry-Hopped, Zero-IBU Farmhouse IPA. An astonishing amount of Wheat & Citra hops play together with the To Øl Instant Crush Brett™, resulting in the most pleasant acidity imaginable, coupled with a saison strain for maximum attenuation. Crisp, citrousy, Zero-IBU Farmhouse IPA



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