Our Trip To Svinninge

When people first come to Svinninge, the most confronting aspect is the sheer size of the place. For a complete tour of the place it takes easily 2-3 hours. This is partly from the size of the rooms and partly from the amount of buildings that cover the 150,000 square foot property. We thought it was time introduce people to our To Øl City. We invited a select group of importers and other friends of To Øl: those that have either been with on the journey with us for a long time, as well as those that are joining us recently to kick-start the next chapter. Here’s a few pictures we took and a few explanations of what we encountered that day…


   The first spaces that we encounter are the packaging rooms. Naturally these are huge spaces considering how many kegs, bottles and cans we will be producing.



We then visited our shiny Mikropolis Cocktails tanks, where we’ve just began production! We brewed a first test batch of the Whiskey Sour, and have just this moment finished the Rhubarb Crush cocktail. It is a really exciting milestone at Svinninge to be able to start producing things on site.

Next is the Orchard that envelops the facility. This is where in the short term, when we run out of space to ferment, we will invest in large fermentors to be placed outside. In the long term, this will be an orchard thriving with fruits and other plants that we can use to cultivate yeast strains, as well as utilising the fruit that grows from the field. The opportunities range from using the fruit in our cocktails, producing cider from rows of apples, and to really get back to our Scandinavian roots, making a well made mead too!

The barrel ageing room(s) are also spectacular to look at, and easy to see the potential of such rooms with the vast amount of space, as well as knowing the brewery and the distillery are just nearby.



We then moved onto the storage room with our current webshop stock, as well as a small portion of our overall keg stock. Soon we’ll be bringing it all home to Denmark!



We stopped for lunch at the facility, where we diligently ‘quality controlled’ the latest To Øl CPH cans, Humle Mælk and Tricerahops, as well as tasted the first ever batch of Whiskey Sour from Mikropolis Cocktails.




After a full stomach of food and drink, we then hopped back on the coach to enjoy more quality control at BRUS. There were many more rooms that weren’t featured here, and many more ideas that we have yet to share. So stay tuned and be sure to hear the rest!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for this trip!


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