DIPA Underground

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Double IPA
Cara Aroma, Dextrose, Munich Malt, Pilsner
Belma, Centennial, Mosaic

A beer of gargantuan proportions. We have produced a double IPA chock-full of Centennial and Mosaic hops, a beer so powerful it will drive you ‘DIPA Underground’. At 8,5% ABV this beer is clean, well balanced and sure to have you dancing on cinema seats and dodging crashing helicopters no time! This version is on beastly 50cl cans!


Our graphic designer Kasper Ledet explains the story behind the design for DIPA Underground:

“The artwork on both the bottle and can consist of some organic shapes inspired by military camouflage patterns. These shapes are coloured with various pastel gradients. At the time I made the design I was reading a biography on Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass and was definitely inspired by his use of colour. The design is an attempt to create a camouflage pattern for hiding in post-modernity or maybe in Milan or Miami of the eighties or at least in the cultural stereotype of such places. There is a link to the design for Raid Beer where the colours from camouflage patterns is used in a strict modernist grid of dots. Both designs deals with breaking down a camouflage pattern and extracting certain elements a kind of appropriation and remixing of military aesthetics.”

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