Fuck Art This is Hygge

To Øl

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Rye Saison w/ Rhubarb, Potatoes - Matured with Oak Chips

It was only a matter of time. We just had to wait for all of the hygge craze to die down a little bit before we launched our Danish monster – Fuck Art This is HYGGE! Inspired by our favourite foods of our homecountry: 7.0% Rye Saison brewed w/ Rhubarb, Potatoes – Matured with Oak Chips

In the forest, no-one can hear you drink. Hygge is a Danish export and it means whatever you want it to. This potent Rye Saison is packed with Danish delights, such as Potatoes and Rhubarb before being matured with Oak Chips to tie that all together.

We’ve had this in the sun and it was very ‘Hyggeligt’ – then it started pouring down, we went inside and watched the rain hammer on the window – it was still ‘Hyggeligt’. This beer is best enjoyed in company, or alone – again, it’s all up to you.

A new release from To Øl for Summer 2018.

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