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German Lager
Cara Pils, Melanoidin, Munich Malt, Pilsner
Mosaic, Tettnanger

In February we like to drink German lagers. Unfortunately, they are difficult to get this time of year so we planned a small batch for ourselves. If you want some, sure, we’ll brew a little extra of this mouth-wateringly crisp beer.

German Lagers are famous but also 99% of them are produced in such volumes that it’s almost unfathomable. The techniques used are old and even a mid-scale brewery will make in a week what we brew in a year. They are also under all sorts of restrictions due to the German law called Reinheitsgebot. We are obviously exempt from those restrictions so we can make our own twist on it. There’s nothing quite like a clean German pilsner but we do like it with a bit of dry hopping.

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