Graff Gadient DIY Aging Bundle

Põhjala, To Øl

DKK 170,00

A Mature-at-Home 3 pack of Rye & Apple Gose

Graff Gadient is a delicious collaboration with our expert friends in Barrel Aging – Põhjala.

The Graff Gadient is a 5,8% Rye & Apple gose. Apple Juice was used in place of water in the wort, and the beer was dry hopped with thyme to give it an aromatic edge. These principles mean that this is a beer that is going to develop over time, so we’ve put together a three-pack that you can age yourselves at home.

Open one as soon as they arrive to enjoy the bright sprucey notes of the beer and then leave the other two in a cellar or cool cupboard and enjoy after 6 months and 12 months have passed.

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