Hibiscus Brett Saison 75cl

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Saison with Brett and Hibiscus
Cara Pils, Pilsner, Special B, Unmalted Wheat, Wheat
Belma, Tettnanger

We have produced ‘Hibiscus Brett Saison’, a name focused on clarity in this time of un-certainty for all. A Saison style ale of 7% ABV, loaded up with the lightly tart, berry-full flavour of Hibiscus, and then rounded out with that funkiest of finishes putting George Clinton to shame, Brettanomyces.


Kasper Ledet on the label design:

“The king of grunge graphics David Carson once famously said “Don’t mistake legibility for communication”. On the label for Hibiscus Brett Saison the name is broken apart and certain letters has been replaced by basic shapes. An arrow has also been included to help guide the sight of the viewer but really only adds to the confusion. The colourless deconstructed typography contrast the old school bottle and makes sure that things don’t get too.”


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