Lemongrass Gose

To Øl

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Cara Aroma, Pilsner, Unmalted Wheat, Wheat

Salty, sour and effervescent balanced gose. Soured with wheat grains and balanced with sea salt. A hoppy, pungent, deeply aromatic experience.

We have hopped the beer with one of our favourite hops; Citra – kicks of lemon and floral aromas hits you right in the nose. So put on your shades and drink it in the sun, because this is summer in a bottle!

Kasper Ledet on the label design:
“The design consists of a photo shot in Nordhavnen (the northern part of the Copenhagen harbour). It depicts the content of a container found at a construction site where bits and pieces of shattered glass has been discarded. The composition is random and the shades and colours originates from the various types of glass in the container. There is something fresh about the shiny glass as a reference to the light nature of the beer. But there is also something dark and sinister about all the destruction and chaos.”

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