Ms. Grey 2018 Edition

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Biere de Garde with Earl Grey

For Ms. Grey we went slightly more conceptual. Black and white combine to make grey so we wanted to make a beer that highlighted contrast in the best way possible. Using a traditional style of brewing native to the Calais region of France– the Biere De Garde (similar to a grisette or saison) – we added in Earl Grey Tea, a traditional British Tea to invoke the feeling of the culture clash that has been in that area for the past thousand years or so.
Its light golden body comes from the tea in the brew, which was brewed in the same way as you would a regular cup of tea, 5-6 minutes in the late whirlpool stage of the brew.

Ms. Grey starts off with a heavy but dry bitterness thanks to the dark tea notes but opens up to a sweet light citrussy end with the bergamot and Citra hops used.

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