Northern Monk Triple Trouble: Glory, Hit & Roll and Don’t Look Batarang in Anger

Dry & Bitter, Northern Monk, Track Brewing

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Northern Monk Triple Bundle

We’re pretty happy to have some Northern Monk up to offer your beer lovers out there. So happy in fact, that we decided to wrap our first three up into a neat little bundle for you. Introducing: Glory, Hit & Roll & Don’t Look Batarang in Anger.

Glory – a triple IPA that the brewers at Northern Monk were bowled over by when they tasted from the tank due to it’s balance. Bright, fresh fruits shine through in this beer.

Hit & Roll – the result of a long-overdue team up for Northern Monk with their Danish brother, Soren of Dry & Bitter, Copenhagen. It has all of the peaches (peaches for me). For their first IPA together, they decided to accentuate the natural esters of their house yeast with 150kg of pureed peach and backed it up with a subtle amount of lactose for a hint of classic ‘Peaches & Cream.’ Hops-wise, they combined the tropical notes of Citra and Denali with Simcoe and Wai-iti.

Don’t Look Batarang In Anger – part of the patron’s project and a collaboration with Manchester’s Track Brewing Co. and Illustrator Ben Mather. A big and juicy IPA packed with Citra, Enigma, Denali and Vic Secret hops, which create a complex flavour profile with sherbet, pineapple and plenty of juicy citrus. This is a joy.


Northern Monk is commited to creating the highest quality beers combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. Homed in a Grade II listed mill in the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution, Northern Monk takes thousands of years of brewing heritage and tradition and combines them with the best of both local and internationally sourced ingredients, crafting beers to excite, to savour, to taste and to remember… True North

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