Smoke On The Porter, Fire In The Rye

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Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

Style: Imperial Smoked Porter with Chilli and Rye
Malts: Pale, Cara Crystal, Melanoidin, Roasted Rye, Black, Rauch, Rye
Hops: Taurus, Sorachi Ace

To the masters of Rock, and of Puns, we salute you. “Smoke On The Porter, Fire In The Rye” intends for you to strap on your leather trousers and denim vest, and Rock Out. A 13,2% Imperial Porter, using Rauch Malt for a depth of smoke, a selection of Chillies for subtle smoky flavours and designed to light the fire under you, and a mix of both roasted and regular Rye Malt to spice things up further.

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