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To Ølekalender 2020 - Pre-order

To Øl

To Ølekalender 2020 - Pre-order

719,- kr 695,- kr
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It’s finally here - the annual Christmas To Ølekalender- new and improved for 2020!
With a beery surprise for every day of Advent, it’s perfect for welcoming and cherishing the mooost wonderful time for a beer.

Perfect for that special someone (you) Or the one who has been working very hard and deserves a festive treat (still you) Or the one that loves great beers and Christmas traditions (For sure, you. Don’t share. It’s clearly for you.)

The Ølekalendar features an eclectic mixture of sizes, styles and ABVs. This year you can look forward to a whole lot of new, exciting brews from To Øl City as well as some good ol’ classics. We’ve even thrown in a few guest appearances, including a special Teeling Whiskey Highball cocktail, just for good measure. A cocktail? In a beer calendar? Have you gone stark, raving mad, man?! It’ll never work, it couldn’t possibly…

Join us in sharing all Santa’s secrets and the #ToØlekalender love.

Denmark customers pay an additional 24 DKK for PANT which is refundable when you return the cans and bottles