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Gose to Sønderjysk kaffebord

To Øl

Gose to Sønderjysk kaffebord

33,- kr

The latest in the To Øl ‘Gose To’ series. This time we focus on the southern parts of the godly area of Denmark: Jutland. Southern Jutland. Where tradition has it that all foreigners is welcomed with a Sønder (Southern) Jysk (Jutlandish) Kaffe (Coffee) Bord (Table), which consists of 21 different cakes + Coffee Ad Libitum.

This Gose is a dark (as Jutland sometimes tends to be) Gose at 4,5% brewed with coffee to enhance the fine delicate notes from the hard-roasted barley which slight chocolate like acidity is enforced by the tartness of the sour mash. All balanced out with our all-time favorite cake ingredient: Vanilla. It is balanced and sessionable and has its legs solidly placed in the Jutlandish soil.