Let Sherry Mælk

To Øl

Let Sherry Mælk

45,- kr

Our favourite session stout is rebrewed and ready to go, for all you stout lovers out there who are affected by the summer heat. This is our low ABV version of our Mælk Stout series, a 4% highly aromatic, mouth pleasing milk stout, and one you can session!

For the Let Sherry Mælk we infused one of our favourite aperitifs. The combination gives off a warm alcohol tinge from the get go, but without any of the associated abv. The result is a light, dry, woody brew with nice smokiness. Think of a diluted Islay whiskey with very sweet sherry notes that come through afterwards.

Overall think light wood and oak producing a very dry, tanin heavy taste. Sweeter notes that derive from the sherry come through later, with a medium to long finish.