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Mikropolis Bundle

Mikropolis Cocktails

Mikropolis Bundle

489,- kr

2 x Lemon Verbena Gin & Tonic:
- Low on sugar and high on herbs with real lemon verbena without flavoring agents
- Our gin is infused with juniper, coriander, and lemon peel.
- 6,5% alc. 25 cl.

2 x Grapefruit Spritzer:
- Packed with grapefruit
- Made with our own Italian bitters, created with tons of spices and herbs
- 6,5 % alc. 25 cl.

2 x Rhubarb Crush:
- Made with fresh rhubarbs and vodka spiced with cocoa nibs, lemon, and vanilla.
-6,5% alc. 25 cl.

2 x Negroni:
- Contains no less than 24 spices and herbs balanced in gin, vermouth, and our very own Italian style bitters
- The deep, orange color is all-natural: coming from beetroot, sour cherries, and turmeric
- 15 % alc. 25 cl.

2 x Bourbon Lemonade:
- Yuzu, Ginger, Lemon, and Bourbon Whiskey
- A light and super sessionable boozy lemonade with some wild fruity complexity.

2 x Teeling Whiskey Highball:
- Whiskey Highball made with the majestic small-batch Teeling Whiskey
- 9,4 % alc. 25 cl.