Mixed Mikropolis Cocktails - Full Case

Mikropolis Cocktails

Mixed Mikropolis Cocktails - Full Case

840,- kr 504,- kr

Buy a full case of 24 cans of Mixed Mikropolis Cocktails with a 40% discount!! (8 of each can)

Gin & Tonic: An organic ready-to-drink gin & tonic with lemon verbena. It’s low on sugar and high on herbs with real lemon verbena without flavoring agents. ABV: 6.5

Spritzer: This organic ready-to-drink spritzer is packed with grapefruit. It’s made with our own Italian bitters, created with tons of spices and herbs. ABV: 6.5%

Negroni: Our edition contains no less than 24 spices and herbs balanced in gin, vermouth, and our very own Italian style bitters. ABV: 15%

Can Size: 25cl