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Northern Monk

Northen Monk Bundle

Northen Monk Bundle

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Northern Star
Chocolate Porter at 5.2% by Northern Monk. This beer has a smooth, creamy, and rich taste due to the use of chocolate, caramel, and biscuits. The porter style of beer is known for its dark colour and rich, malt-forward flavour profile.

A bold yet balanced New England IPA at 7.2%. Soft, resinous and tropical. For the Heathens.  A simple base of British pale malt is coloured by small kettle additions of UK, and US hops blend for a soft, fruity bitterness. Come dry hopping time, 16kg of Citra spread over three additions, layering them into the beer for the ultimate juicy, resinous taste experience and an aroma of tropical fruit that lures your olfactory sense from across the room.

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