Roses are Brett, Velvets are Blue. O’Bee My Valentine Bundle!

Roses are Brett, Velvets Are Blue. Only with you I will share a pint or two.

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Roses Are Brett

Our original valentines treat, Roses are Brett is a Raspberry Saison, made using Cara Red, dry hopped with Citra and Saaz, fermented with Brettanomyces and then lled with Raspberries to enhance that red fruit col- our and avour. Pouring a romantic pinky red, this is a light and tart beer with medium carbonation and a light slightly hazy pink body. Expect funky brett notes and a sharp, crisp, citrussy palate that leads into a short, dry nish. This is something to woo hearts with this valentines day.

Velvets are Blue

A Blueberry Saison, slight- ly sour and elegant, brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc, it’s Eu- ropean partner. At 5,5% the hops add these lovely light and elegant pear and grape notes to the beer. We then added Blueberries to the brew. Pours deep red- dish purple. Medium car- bonation on a light body. Expect berry tartness, light sour notes and citrus with an undertone of funkiness. Finishes smooth with a lin- gering blueberry tinge.

Bee My Valentine (very limited stock)

Valentine Stout brewed with Honey, Chocolate and Strawberry. We saved you the inconvenience and wrapped the valentines basked into a beer. Fragrant aromatic honey, infused with sweet strawberries and rich chocolate. All coming together in a romantic setting of dark malts.




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