Omnipollo X Buxton: Yellow Belly Buxton, Omnipollo Imperial Stout with Peanut & Biscuit Aroma DKK 105,00 Add to basket
100 Days of Juleøl Lindheim Ølkompani Stout DKK 80,00 Add to basket
12 Westvleteren Abt/Quadrupel DKK 140,00 Add to basket
8 Westvleteren Belgian Strong Ale DKK 130,00 Add to basket
Abt. 12 St. Bernardus Brouwerij Quadrupel DKK 35,00 Add to basket
Autumn Farmhouse Block 15 Brewing Farmhouse Ale DKK 80,00 Add to basket
Blond Westvleteren Belgian Ale DKK 130,00 Add to basket
Brush Omnipollo Imperial Stout with Vanilla, Chocolate, Ancho Chile Pepper & Hazlenut Coffee. DKK 115,00 Add to basket
Faro Girardin Lambic Style DKK 47,50 Add to basket
Framboise Girardin Lambic style beer with raspberries DKK 65,00 Add to basket
Framboise 2015 Oud Beersel Lambic style beer with raspberries DKK 60,00 Add to basket
Gift Boundary Imperial Stout DKK 65,00 Add to basket
Gimbagagompa Omnipollo Coffee Vanilla Granola Imperial Stout DKK 100,00 Add to basket
Gueuze 37,5 Oud Beersel Gueuze Lambic DKK 55,00 Add to basket
Kriek Girardin Kriek Lambic DKK 50,00 Add to basket
Kriek 37,5 Oud Beersel Kriek Lambic DKK 65,00 Add to basket
Kriek Cuvée René Lindemans Kriek Lambic DKK 45,00 Add to basket
L’Brett d’Blueberry Crooked Stave Oak Aged Golden Sour w. Blueberries DKK 125,00 Add to basket
L’Brett d’Cherry Crooked Stave Oak Aged Golden Sour w. Sour Cherries DKK 125,00 Add to basket
L’Brett d’Raspberry Crooked Stave Oak Aged Golden Sour w. Raspberries DKK 125,00 Add to basket
Mariage Parfait Kriek Brouwerij Boon Kriek Lambic DKK 60,00 Add to basket
Orval Orval Trappist Ale DKK 30,00 Add to basket
Oude Gueze Vieille 2015 Oud Beersel Gueuze Lambic DKK 105,00 Add to basket
Oude Kriek Vieille 2015 Oud Beersel Kriek Lambic DKK 120,00 Add to basket
Raspberry Origins Crooked Stave Burgundy Sour Ale DKK 125,00 Add to basket
Ris Ala M’ale Mikkeller Desser/Fruit Beer DKK 35,00 Add to basket
Salvador Cybies Crooked Stave Oak Aged Dark Ale w/Sour Cherries DKK 125,00 Add to basket
Serenata Notturna Blueberry Crooked Stave Barrel-Aged Golden Ale w/Blueberries DKK 125,00 Add to basket
St. Bretta Clementine Crooked Stave Wildbier with Clementine DKK 95,00 Add to basket
You’re Not Getting Any Boundary Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout with Blueberries DKK 60,00 Add to basket

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