Back in 2017 we created a series based on a fictional set of volatile criminals in a pop culture cult classic.

Through the Mr’s Blonde, Blue, Brown, Pink, Orange and White we explored how to translate fictional characters into elements of taste.

After a second edition earlier this year, in which we pushed the concepts further, we found ourselves asking another question – a more philosophical one – how do you translate the feeling of a colour into a taste? What makes a pink, green or violet feeling? How can a colour taste?

This question is the background to the Ms Series 2018.


Through Ms’ Grey, Teal, Violet, Scarlet, Magenta and Black, we aim to interpret this question in varying levels. Is black an evil colour or does it represent calm? And what about the taste of grey? Is the taste of colour something familiar such as tomato red, or is it more abstract and conceptual?


Through the Ms 2018 series we aim to produce a philosophising on these colours, alongside an experiment on what we can produce as a brewery. We hope they bring you as much joy as they’ve brought us.

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