Santastique 2018 To Øl Belgian Wit DKK 42,00 Add to basket
Shameless Santa Steinie 2018 To Øl Belgian Ale with Spices DKK 42,00 DKK 32,00 Add to basket
Santa’s Secret: Mochaccino Messiah – Double Shot 75cl To Øl American Brown Ale DKK 175,00 DKK 149,00 Add to basket
Pineapple Express BA BRUS, To Øl Imperial Stout with Pineapple and Coffee DKK 75,00 Add to basket
Grätze Mille To Øl Grodziskie style Smoked Wheat Ale with Oranges DKK 35,00 Add to basket
Mochaccino Messiah To Øl Coffee Lactose Brown Ale DKK 35,00 DKK 22,00 Add to basket
Let Mælk To Øl Session Milk Stout DKK 40,00 Add to basket
Surt Til Hibiscus & Cranberry To Øl Sour Mashed Belgian Table Beer DKK 65,00 DKK 32,00 Add to basket
Santa Gose F&%# It All To Øl Gose with Passion Fruit, Guava and Mango DKK 35,00 DKK 28,00 Add to basket
Fuck Art Winter Is Coming 75cl To Øl Christmas Tripel DKK 114,00 DKK 95,00 Add to basket
Roses Are Brett To Øl Raspberry Saison DKK 45,00 Add to basket
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden To Øl Fruit India Pale Ale DKK 35,00 Add to basket

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