Sneak Peak: Gose To Sønderjysk Kaffebord

Coming soon to a glass near you is the new addition in the ‘To Øl Gose To…’ series: ‘Goes to Sønderjysk Kaffebord’. This time we focus on the southern parts of the godly area of Denmark: Jutland. Southern Jutland. Tradition has it that all foreigners who make it past the infamous ‘Wild Boar fence’ are welcomed with a Sønder (Southern) Jysk (Jutland) Kaffe (Coffee) Bord (Table). This consists of a spread of no less than 21 different cakes + Coffee Ad Libitum. Of the 21 cakes, 7 are Dry Cakes, 7 are Wet Cakes and 7 are Hard Cakes. It’s understandable why we felt a spectacular tradition like this should not go uncelebrated.

This “Gose To…” is a dark Gose at 4,5% with a good ol’ dose of Calcium Chloride to add a nice fat back bone. Brewed with coffee to enhance the fine, delicate notes from the hard roasted barley. The coffee, as well as a chocolate-like acidity is enforced by the tartness of the sour mash. All balanced out with our all time favourite cake ingredient: Vanilla, making a beautifully balanced, sessionable Gose that has its legs firmly rooted in the Jysk soil.

Keep your eye out for more details coming soon….

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