The To Ølekalender is Here

A Festive Expression Of  To Øl’s Approach To Beer

It’s Christmas time, and that means Christmas beer. To Øl is bringing the holiday spirit to the days of December with To Øl’s favourite brews as well as new additions.
»Christmas, while made beautiful by its traditions, should also be about trying something new: learning from lessons past to create something better,« says our beloved Tore Gynther, the guru, founder and CEO of To Øl. 

Most of us remember the childish feeling of excitement and anticipation each day throughout the Christmas month, as we got to look behind a door of our Advent calendar and get excited by sweets or presents. Growing up robbed us of this feeling. But this year, grown up kids with beards and flannel shirts, a nose piercing and a pair of Doc Martens can go tiptoeing around the house excited for a daily present. A liquid present.

To help you get in the festive spirit, To Øl presents the To Ølekalender, an Advent calendar with 24 bottled surprises to accompany you throughout December. And it might not be what you expect from a Christmas beer, says Tore:

»Normally, when the weather gets colder, we reach for the darker, sweeter beers to keep us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. We’re not against this idea; we love brewing beers that are full of dark, roasted malts that give all the nutty, coffee, and chocolate flavours that are perfect to enjoy during the festive period. But how much can we play with these flavours? Can we take the traditional beer styles we love and use them as a blueprint to create something even better?«

Santa Gose on holiday

With the rise of breweries in Denmark, the selection of Christmas beers has gone through the roof. According to beer experts, there are now more than 300 different beers dedicated to the holidays to choose from. Christmas beers are known for their high alcohol by volume (ABV) as well as dark flavours with notes of spices, something that To Øl has a history of brewing really well. The calendar is not all typical Christmas beers, however; it is more like a celebration of the best beers from To Øl:

»You’ll find our 15% milk stout called ‘Jule Mælk’: a heavy, rich, sweet stout that’s amped up to the max, redefining what a strong milk stout can be and what it should taste like. But we also want to challenge the idea that a beer has to be dark, strong and sweet to be a Christmas beer. We made a beer called ‘Santa Gose F&%# It All‘, which is a bright, tropical Gose-style ale with guava, passionfruit and mango,« Tore explains, adding:

»We brew Jule Mælk all through the year since we don’t see a reason why people can’t enjoy it outside of Christmas time. In the same vein, our Christmas range also includes a lot of bright, hoppy beers, since people’s love for them doesn’t just suddenly stop after summer either.«

An eclectic mix

With 24 days to get into the holiday spirit, To Øl wants to make sure that people don’t overdose on the sweet and heavy cuisine the holiday is known for. So you won’t find yourself unwrapping heavy stouts for seven days straight, promises Michelle Christensen, webshop manager at To Øl.

»We wanted something that could be a festive expression of To Øl’s approach to beer. An exciting, varied mix of beers that bring people as much joy to drink as it brought us to make them. It was about devoting one day to a style of beer that we love and enjoy it to its fullest, before moving on to another awesome style of beer the next day,« she says.

Food pairings are limitless

The Christmas beer is traditionally made to go with food, and according to Tore, the Advent calendar leaves a lot to choose from in terms of pairings with food.

»Sometimes it’s nice to be able to pair all the heavy food we’re eating at Christmas with something light and fruity alongside it, instead of piling yet more heaviness on top of it. Christmas, while made beautiful by its traditions, should also be about trying something new and learning from lessons past to create something better. Our approach to Christmas beers reflects that ethos,« he says:

»A light, sweet dessert can pair excellently with a sweet stout or a fruity sour beer. Even the aroma of a hoppy IPA can enhance the dessert with the right ingredients. The same goes for a heavy Christmas meal with all its meat, sauces, and roasted vegetables: Sometimes the perfect pairing would be something more acidic and light. Others might prefer to stick to the sweeter styles of a brown ale or porter. Some may find the comforting malt of a lager the perfect accompaniment. That’s why we brew such a diverse range of beers – the pairings with food really are limitless.«

If you want to read a bit about Christmas tradtions, especially when it comes to Scandinavian traditions, you can read about it just here

So give a big santapplause to the exciting array of Christmas beers – of all imaginable colours and flavours – to spice up your festive season. This year’s Advent calendar from To Øl includes 24 carefully selected beers for all those Christmas emotions to be shared with friends and family.

Get the calendar now just here.

Factbox: 2019 To Ølekalender

  • The Ølekalender features 24 To Øl beers with an eclectic mix of styles and ABVs.
  • The Christmas box and the labels are created by graphic designer Kasper Ledet and feature photos depicting or referring to winter and snow, some in more obvious ways than others.
  • Price: 695 DKK (+ 24 DKK in refundable ‘pant’ for a total of 719 DKK for danish customers).

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