To Øl and BRUS getting married in Svinninge

On the 12th May 2016, BRUS opened it’s doors for the first time. When people entered the vast industrial space, they were met with a bar, a brewery, a restaurant and a bottle shop. Huge wooden barrels lined up between the bar and restaurant, and the shiny metallic serving tanks at the bar let the customers know that this beer experience was going to be more holistic, more open and much closer to the creation of the actual beer than they were previously used to. Less of a bar – and more a shrine to fermentation.

The decision was made to not call the bar To Øl and instead to let it stand as its own autonomous eco-system of BRUS beer and gourmet food. Having spent six years already professionally brewing a whole range of different beers, it was well known by To Øl at this point that sometimes, if you want to cultivate something really interesting, you’ve got to let it evolve in its own complex and beautiful way. BRUS was alive, and should be treated as such.

As much as there was planning, late nights, hard work, experimentation, development, tasting, brewing, sweating, serving, discussing – there was also a little magic. Something in the whirlpool of all of these efforts meant that the beer BRUS started producing gave a wave of excitement, as well as a sense of pride, to those involved. Fortunately for BRUS, this excitement was shared by more and more people as the journey progressed. By 2018, the brewery was at full capacity and stretching its ability to keep supply matching with the demand.

Meanwhile, To Øl was facing its own growth spurt; its own desire to try another adventure – this time on a scale never attempted before in its history: to purchase a 26,633 square-meter facility in Svinninge, and bring all international brewing home to Denmark. With such a huge facility comes amazing potential for barrel ageing, cocktail production, cold storage and distilling. Having so many ideas, and so much space to implement them, the question then arose about BRUS: what to do with the beloved beer brand that was growing far too big for its small brewery? The answer of course, is simple. Reader, we marry them.

The same recipes, the same beers, the same trusted, talented brewers overseeing the production. The same late nights, hard work, experimentation, development, tasting, brewing, sweating, serving, discussing – and with a little luck, the same magic. This facility is a way to utilise the best of both breweries: the beers To Øl and BRUS are most proud of, the freedom to experiment with new ideas, the knowledge and experience to do it, as well as the sheer madman-like drive to create something wild. Once again, the whirlpool of efforts begin in Svinninge. Now all that’s needed is to wait for it to come alive.

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