To Øl City

Let’s start with a pear tree.

If you’re familiar with our non-alcoholic beer, Under The Radar, or with our farmhouse IPA, Yeastus Christus: To Øl Instant Crush Brett Edition, then you may know that these beers contain a very special yeast strain that was cultivated from a pear tree standing in Tore’s parent’s garden, that creates wonderful pear and cider aromas, as well as a satisfying Riesling-like acidity too. All this potential for wonderful flavours and characteristics on a humble pear, and yet the opportunity to really utilise this potential is hard to come by.

But why start by talking about a pear tree?

Let’s, instead of a pear tree, imagine orchards. Rows and rows of apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, and blackberries and any magnificent Nordic fruits the land was meant to grow. Then imagine, that all this nature was surrounding a facility that was built to use it, and use it well.


To get a real perspective of the project, we need to understand the symbiotic nature of it. What possibilities for brewing are there with orchards enveloping the facility? What possibilities are there for distilling a complex, flavourful whisky when the brewhouse is just next door? What will the cocktails taste like when the fruits have been freshly picked? If there are rows and rows of incredible oak barrels, where does the potential end with choosing what goes in them?

This is not simply a brewery with a few rooms attached. This is a 150,000 square meter eco-system. To understand Svinninge, is to look at the whole land. To understand To Øl, is to look at this land as our city.





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