BRUS Brewery is canning super fresh Pale Ales for To Øl CPH

To Øl’s brewpub BRUS in Copenhagen is turning 2 this May and the brewery has received one of the best birthday gifts possible. Last week during Mikkeller Beer Week, a bright shining canning machine specially made for BRUS arrived from Germany, and the brewers could for the first time pour the just brewed Pale Ale ‘House of Pale’ into 50 cl cans. 600 cans were coming out of the canning machine that night and they were all sold out from the BRUS bottle shop before the week was over.

To Øl’s very own local production brand To Øl CPH is now a thing, underlining the local element in all the beers brewed and canned at BRUS. With To Øl CPH the brewery will be able to provide the people with the freshest of the freshest beer. Just like the original idea behind BRUS as a brewpub was to be able to serve beer straight from the brewery to the serving tanks, this idea is now transferred to cans, where the beers are fresh from tanks to cans. To Øl CPH will be launching a number of different beers on cans, just like the canning machine eventually is meant to can other craft beverages not normally found in this packaging.

In the same breath To Øl is launching the service FRISK! offering the opportunity of ordering fresh brewed To Øl CPH beers straight from the canning line delivered to your door. The Frisk service will pack and ship the order on the same day as the beers are canned. You’ll find no shorter route from tank to throat!  Visit to sign up for news on fresh batches and cans.

The can as packaging has several logical benefits making it easy to choose a canning line over a bottle line. Cans do not let in any sunlight, just like there is a reduced oxygen absorption, due to the lack of a (bottle) neck. This means, that the beer won’t be oxidised before the beers hits your throat. Cans weigh less than bottles and are easier to stack and ship plus they are faster to cool down.

The To Øl CP labels are designed by To Øl’s graphic designer Kasper Ledet

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