To Øl Gose To Denmark

Dear all beer friends

We have some exiting news to share with you all! In 2019 we are bringing our beer production back to Denmark. From New Years we’re taking over a former food factory in the Western part of Sealand to set up full range brewery, labs, barrel ageing facility with possibilities for wild production, cold storage, canning lines and everything in between 🍻

Since we started brewing back in 2010, we’ve been working as travelling brewers, brewing beers primarily in Belgium but also at other brewing facilities for collabs, special editions and other great stuff as you guys know. Now we’re ready to take the production home to our very own 26.000 m2 big factory in Svinninge, Denmark. With this huge step we will get full control of all parts and processes and expand the possibilities of what and how we’re brewing.

Back in 2016, we opened our beloved brewpub BRUS in Copenhagen; a 750 m2 bar, shop and restaurant with its own brewery.

At BRUS, we’ve been focusing on and experimenting with brewing the most fresh beer possible – the beer is never exposed to daylight and isn’t exposed to unnecessary temperature changes. We found that we can’t get enough of super fresh and juicy stuff, so this is also the beer philosophy we will work even more from at the new brewery in Denmark.

Svinninge is the biggest step in the history of To Øl and by far our most ambitious project to date. We’re already exporting to more than 50 countries and this export adventure will continue and move onto even more and more focused markets.

With Svinninge we will enjoy and explore all parts of having our very own place, where we can take active part in all elements of brewing, development, storage and logistics. This means that we are able set up cold chains and objectives for, how fresh we’re able to delivery beers to the beer consumers. At the same time we will have plenty of room to set up wild fermentation experiments and barrel ageing facilities, which is something we haven’t been able to fit in at BRUS or other brewing facilities, we’ve been engaged in.

We can’t wait to explore all the crazy opportunities such a place can and will open to us and share it all with you guys as we go along.

In the meantime remember to shopclub, drink responsibly and celebrate it all.

Your truly
To Øl

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