To Ølekalender 2019!

What’s better than one freakin’ delicious Christmas beer from To Øl you ask? I’ll tell you friend: twenty four Christmas beers from To Øl all in one magnificent box that you can open all throughout December * Cue heavenly music and choral singing *.

If you have never ordered a box from To Øl before, then prepare to expect the unexpected hen it comes to a Christmas beer selection, To Øl founder Tore, in his wise words, had this to say:

”Our approach to re-defining christmas beers can be seen when looking at the Christmas beers we brew both individually and as a collection. Normally when the weather gets colder we reach for the darker, sweeter beers to keep us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. We’re not against this idea either; we love brewing beers that are full of dark, roasted malts that give all the nutty, coffee, chocolate flavours that are perfect to enjoy during the festive period.

But how far can we play with these flavours? Can we take the traditional beer styles we love and use it as a blueprint to create something even better? This is especially true for our 15% milk stout, Jule Mælk: a heavy, rich, sweet stout thats amped up to the max, redefining what a strong milk stout can be, and what it should taste like. On the other hand, we also want to challenge the idea that a beer has to be dark, strong and sweet to be a Christmas beer. We made a beer called ‘Santa Gose F&%# It All’ which is a bright, tropical Gose style ale with Guava, Passionfruit and Mango. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to pair all the heavy food we’re eating at Christmas with something light and fruity alongside it, instead of piling on yet more heaviness on top of it. Christmas, while made beautiful by its traditions, should also be about trying something new, learning from lessons past to create something better. Our approach Christmas beers reflects that ethos.”

Pre-orders are open now, with delivery expected early November. Get yours here.

So grab that tinsel out of your attic, start writing your xmas cards, and prepare once again for a very beery Christmas.

Glad (albeit early) tidings,

from To Øl

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