To Øl City

To Øl City

To Øl City is a craft beverage hub. Amazing craft beverage producers, who were previously limited by space and resources, can make a home in To Øl City and work with us to raise the bar in our industries exponentially higher.

Our passion began in craft beer, and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far. In our journey for excellence though, we’ve become aware of just how interconnected our industries are: the latest development in beer fermentation could start in a talented chef’s kitchen. The new cocktail on the menu is a favorite because the fruits and herbs used were picked fresh from the land. The latest award-winning whiskey tastes like it does because it used fresh, complex wort from a craft beer brewery.

We aim to utilize and celebrate this collaboration, using the diverse spectrum of our resources and knowledge.

To Øl City is even more than its state of the art brewery. More than its barrel-aging and wild beer program. More than its distillery. More than its 150,000 sqm of land.

It is becoming a collective of the most talented craft producers in Denmark and the world; giving us all the space and resources we need to make the best quality beverages possible, and demanding that they are made accessible to everyone.