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47.736,- kr

We know how many beer nerds out there are crazy. But we’d like to know if there’s anyone out there who is downright insane. For the first time ever, we have decided to sell a whole freakin’ pallet of beer.

A whole freakin’ pallet of beer with a retail value of 47.736 DKK for just 23.800 DKK!! (+pant) for our Newsletter subscribers. That’s 54 cases. 1,248 beers to be precise. And we have a feeling that there is someone. Some glorious person. That is thirsty enough to do it.

To make it even more tempting, all the beers on the pallet are a mix of our fresh core range beers, brand spanking new releases, and a few super smooth barrel-aged Xmas beers for good measure. And we’ll deliver all of it for free of course.

So how about it, friend? Just how wild are you feeling today? Wanna get the New Years' drinks supply in early? Wanna give the Xmas present of the century to someone? … you decide.


This pallet contains: 
8 cases of House of Pale 44cl
8 cases of City Session 44cl
8 cases of #DIPA 44cl
8 cases of 45 Days Organic Pilsner 44cl
8 cases of A Little Goes A Long Way, 44cl
5 cases of Stereo Mono HBC472, 44cl
5 cases of When Life Gives You Raspberries, 44cl
2 cs Liquid Confidence Rhum BA, 37,5cl
2 cs Birramisu, 37,5cl

Will be delivered by truck and we will contact you :)