Building To Øl City – a craft beverage hub


It’s been a while since we first introduced our To Øl City back in  our first post, as well as updating you on our tour of Svinninge during MBCC.

Since then, we have been thriving with production of Mikropolis cocktails, a big delivery of barrels, as well as welcoming some new neighbours at our facility!

Our talented friends at Æblerov Cider have now moved their production over to To Øl City, since with both of us dreaming of the huge potential of apple orchards, it only makes sense for them to move on down to Svinninge and get busy with us on such an exciting project. And why stop at apples? Why not pears, berries, why not even a small vineyard? We’re definitely looking forward working together in creating this orchard of thriving flavours. We’ll see what the new future brings! Welcome Friends!

Thanks to the steady production of Mikropolis Cocktails too, we’ve been able to share delicious drinks with the summer festivals too! Among them being Northside festival, Heartland, Lollapalooza Stockholm, and soon Roskilde Festival too!

And! If that isn’t exciting enough, we recently received our HUUUUGE delivery of Barrels at the To Øl City as well! Making it a significant moment in the journey towards our experience with barrel ageing, wild beer production, and many more experiments soon to come. If you’d like to read more about the plans for all these beautiful barrels, then read our interview with our brewer, Nate in, ‘The Wild, Wild Project Out West’