Why a Hopback is the best God damn thing ever


Why a Hopback is the best God damn thing ever

You thought you were ready for 2020 didn’t you? You carefully planned your New Years resolutions, you recovered nicely from your hangover, and now you’re sitting here in January thinking you know what’s coming.


You have no idea what shall be unveiled to you. What perfect golden nectar lies just around the corner. For we have been building a shiny new empire of beer, a shiny shiny place where our state of the art brewing system shall produce the most hoppilicious, hoptastic, hopsual IPAs the world has ever seen. But what makes this shiny shiny shiny brewhouse different from another, probably-nowhere-near-as-shiny brewhouse I hear you ask?

A friggin BrauKon HopBack. That’s what, my friend.

Yes. That’s it. Marvel at this structure. It is now your God, and you must pray to it if you intend on leading a happy life full of fruitful harvests and large, drunken banquets. This is THE ultimate hop whisperer, the essential oil guru, the giver of flavour and the protector of aroma. The fact it looks like a rocket from the 70’s version of Battlestar Galactica is an added bonus. Whether this was a purposeful artistic direction from BrauKon I’m not sure, but definitely worth mentioning.

‘But how does it work?’ I hear you cry out, flailing your arms up in the air wildly.

Hush now, puny human. I shall tell you.

This beautiful piece of equipment comes from a very talented, very efficient country called Germany. Specifically from a company called BrauKon. We partnered up with these guys to build the entirety of our luminous, voluminous brewhouse, since their expertise in brewing equipment and modern techniques is second to none. The HopBack is a great example of such a brewing feat.

What if there was a machine, a luxurious machine, that’s primary purpose was to take those delicious, green nuggets of goodness and ensure that every single little nanometer of them was fully utilised? To ensure to use hop aromas, while at the same time controlling the amount of bitter compounds, increasing the yield and the taste exponentially. A machine that exterminates all the undesirable bitter compounds from the hop solids beforehand with a shorter extraction time. A machine that looks into the antiquity of 2019, and laughs in its face. That would be a fine machine indeed, wouldn’t it? The art of the HopBack is described by BrauKon themselves as follows:

”The rate of isomerization, the increase of bitterness, can easily be controlled through the heat holding time. To emphasise delicate flavours of hops, BrauKon HopBack can selectively extract essential hop oils with shorter flow times. Through the extraction after the Whirlpool, the washed-out Alpha acids are immediately cooled in the wort cooler, so that less iso-alpha acids are formed. Especially with larger quantities, the ratio of aroma and bitterness can be influenced in favor of a more harmonious balance. With this process, the release of undesirable bitter compounds from the hops solids can also be significantly reduced with a shorter extraction time. This closed process prevents the evaporation of hop aroma compounds. This creates delicate aromas without scratchy bitterness. BrauKon HopBack  is also suitable for orange peels, coriander or other alternative fine-grained aroma sources.”

‘So what will you do with this machine?’ I hear you cry out, as your eyes roll back into your head and your mouth starts foaming. Well, we’ve put this love rocket to the test straight away, as any red-blooded mortal with a brain would do, and went all in brewing a hazy, fruity, super duper hoppy DIPA aptly named Whirl Domination. This is the first DIPA of it’s kind to be released from To Øl City – and it’s no accident that it comes out as one of the first. We’re putting our best foot forward with this one for sure.

Otherwise it would be my strong suggestion, if you intend on getting anything accomplished at all in 2020, is to taste the Whirl Domination when it comes out – and finally, FINALLY, your life may just have some meaning.