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Blasfemi 2021

Blasfemi 2021

Normalpris 160,00 DKK
Normalpris Udsalgspris 160,00 DKK
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Price per unit: 160,00 DKK
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Blasfemi is a super juicy and fun still red wine, crafted from a blend of grapes and apples. It offers a tart and reductive profile with abundant earthy cherry notes. This lively and blasphemous wine pairs exceptionally well with pizza, making it the perfect drink for anything sinful.

The grapes used in Blasfemi are sourced from Stephan Meyer vineyards in Germany, and mixed with local aroma apples. The grapes underwent semi-carbonic maceration method, similar to Beaujolais wine, which imparts a vibrant and fruit driven character.

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