Cloud 9 Wit

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Cloud 9 Wit

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The Wit bier type is famous for its slightly hazy, delicate look. The beer is wholesome, with a balance from yeasty aromas as well as aromas coming from the hops and the fruits.

Mango: The mango fruit is used for pairing fruity hop aromas. The juice of the mango complexes the sweet fruity notes of the Cloud 9 wit bier and rounds up the beer experience
Curacao Orange Peel: The Curacao originates from the southern Caribbean Sea. The peel of the orange fruits gives a zesty, oily aroma. Fruity and sweet, but not bitter. The orange peel is a classic element in wit biers but the hops blended with the fruits takes it to the next level.
Mosaic: new developed hop from 2012. Grown in the vibrant, hop growing regions in the United States. These regions are constantly pushing the natural limits for how much aroma and flavour hops can contain. The goal for the Sessions is to embrace this development and always to craft modern beer styles for the modern consumer.
Galena: An older hop variety dating back to 1978. The Galena hop combines woody, grassy aromas with grapes and peaches. The hop originates from the mountainous state of Idaho in the US. This hop provides balance in wit bier, combing the best of Continental and American hop aromas.
Amarillo: Originating from farthest North West of USA, in Washington State. A classic in dryhopping of beers, due to its magnificent aroma qualities. The hops has small cones but with very high aromatic potential.