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Party Keg 5L - Whirl Domination

Party Keg 5L - Whirl Domination

Normalpris 349,00 DKK
Normalpris 375,00 DKK Udsalgspris 349,00 DKK
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Price per unit: 349,00 DKK
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Just in time for summer, we've filled a bunch of party kegs of our juicy, go-to, gem of an IPA, Whirl Domination, from our latest batch packaging from the 24th of June — it doesn't get any fresher than this folks and we're keeping them cold until shipped, so the freshness factor is high.

How many liters? 5 liters

Do I need extra equipment? No extra equipment needed, just pull the tab and let the juice flow. Obviously you'll need some glasses, although you can pour directly into your mouth if that's how you like to party. 

How long does it stay fresh? When you receive the keg, keep it cold and consume within 3 months.  After opening, you should drink it within 2-3 days for optimal flavor and experience.  

Whirl Domination: We pushed the hops to the limit, packing in as much aroma as possible to this fresh AF beauty. This beautiful IPA clocks in at 6.2% 

Size 500 cl
ABV 6.2% VOL.
Style IPA
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