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Waiting for the tide to come in


Waiting for the tide to come in

25,- kr

Brewed by Beerbliotek for the To Øl Beer Club!!

(Words from Beerbliotek)
Inspired by our friends from across the sea, we brewed this beer especially for To Øl Beer Club, choosing a beer style that has always moved with the tides. This is our Scandinavian interpretation of a Baltic Porter. Waiting for the tide to come in, is as dark as the Scandinavian winter nights while maintaining strong influences from our neighbors, East and West.

A dark and strong opaque black beer with a tan head. Full-bodied with deep malty flavors, caramel, and honey sweetness. Complex flavors of toffee, licorice, and soy,  and soft notes of coffee and chocolate. This beer is designed to be a warming evening sipper, as we wait for the tide to come in.